QDUNE aka RenderMan in Blender!!!!

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. Two days ago my rutine update of SVN sources revealed that Blender now has RenderMan renderer called QuietDune build in [a la Yafray]. That’s a “wow” level of integration… in theory at least.

It’s still not fully integrated… which is why I write this post… for lack of other good medium to use…

Can someone fix the scons etc so it will compile for all major platforms? Please,please.please!!! I’m on Mac (PPC), so, I’d be willing to test, sacrifice virgins, etc anything :stuck_out_tongue: just make it work!! :smiley:

that is just awesome. That is what eeshlo has been working on, with the micropolygon rendering and stuff, and its in blenders code, thats sweet. Wonder when we will be able to use it.

off to build a blender…
[edit] as of now it is only in code, and you can’t get to it from the gui, unless it is hidden somewhere, so i guess we have to wait a bit. btw where is the code, i’m searching for it right now.


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pfft, i’ve had better.


if you read the commit logs, this is not yet integrated into blender and will probably only build on the authors system, still extremely cool , but cant be used in its current state.

Yes, which is why I posted this. As a cry for help :stuck_out_tongue:
If anyone can give him a hand to make it work for all of us faster and more reliably… million thanks wouldn’t be enough

Awww, come on… Couldn’t you let the guys gave the pleasure of introducing this during the Blender Conference??

Nope! Sorry.

In the Peach blog it says that Brecht is working on ‘micropolygon render’. Would this be the same code?


yes, it’s the same thing, I guess.


Boy Eeshlo and Brecht on it, in the framework of Peach to top it off: we can be sure that this is going to come through and is going to be sweet.
Now there was a suggestion for a Peach branch in the SVN that would be synchronized with the trunk on a regular basis. If this is going to be let the sweet little compiles come to Papa!


I hope that Eeshlo work can be integrated fully in Blender,using the same shading engine(at least from an user point of view).
I hope that I don’t have to choice beetwen ao and displacement,or sss and displacement,or glossy stuff and displacement,or raytraced shadow and displacement(i want to use at least sss and displacement ensemble).
If that isn’t possible,and I think that probably isn’t(the micropoly render as far as know isn’t a raytracer),some good node shading system that use directly the micropolygon render could be cool too,but at least shadow calculation should be easy to do.
Btw,thanks Alfredo for your work.

/me is going to go do the happy dance!!1!1!! :eek: :ba: :eek:

good detective work, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to micropoly :slight_smile:

guess so… :stuck_out_tongue: sure is nice to see that Eeshlo’s work is that far(and ofc. great!)

well, that didn’t take long, did it?
as if it ever stood a chance of keeping it ‘low-profile’… :no:

But there is nothing to get excited about, all that happened is that the sourcecode of an as of yet completely unrelated program happens to be now part of the blender tree. There is no integration of any kind (yet anyway).

Considering the average ‘attention span’ when it comes to renderman renderers and blender, there is no way the average blender user will be able to tolerate the amount of work that is needed to get any results at all, even if you get the program to compile.
Besides that, anyone looking for an actual working renderman renderer should give Aqsis or Pixie, or even JRMan a try, not some incomplete program that is still very much WIP like qdune :wink:

that was my first reaction [“But why qdune?!”].
The most difficult part still for me so far is to get objects/scenes from Blender to, say, Pixie.

From the Peach blog.

Right now, monday, is the first ‘normal’ day at the institute. See the images! Seven people concentrated at their desks. Sacha is making the breakdown, Enrico is storyboarding, Campbell is coding some Blender goodies, Brecht works on the micropolygon render, Nathan is teaching William the latest rigging tricks, and Andy desperately tries to get his work for the conference ready in time.

What the… So this will be a reality, with this, Shaded AO and QMC, and soft shadows, reflections and refractions and anisotropic reflections, the Blender Internal renderer will be having a huge upgrade for 2.50. I didn’t include SSS because we already have that now.:eek:

Woah, pigs can fly!
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Love it!