QNAP 9 bay NAS on steroids!

QNAP 9 bay NAS on steroids!

In this QNAP 9 bay NAS housing is housed an industry file server motherboard, so that a compact server has emerged.

The model is very divided and invites to the investigation.

Upgraded with an ASUS 2 channel wireless module and 64 GB Ram, it creates a broad application field.

Sufficient for a small company or just for home use.

Many model parts are individually bound to zero objects so that they can be removed.

Overall, the entire model is also bound to a zero object so that it can move easily.

There are 5000 frames Animated, fans and LEDs.

The rear housing part is optionally made of glass or plastic.

The model consists of 383721 faces.

it is suitable for Cycles and EEvEE. in Blender 2.8 and above.

I wish a lot of fun with the model and look forward to comments.

The model is available for download at Blendswap.com.