Quad Chamfer in Blender?

Does anyone know any plugin or technique for Blender that allows me to do this?


Use edge bevel weights.

  1. mark the edge weight (1.0 on selected edges here)

  2. add bevel modifier and set to bevel weight method.

  3. add subsurf modifier too

  4. done

You can see/edit weights from the (N) panel when in edit mode too

Thank you so much! Blender rocks!

I think one of the big differences between Blender’s bevel modifier and 3ds max’s Quad Chamfer is that Quad Chamfer lets you get away with selecting only the edges you want to add subdivision control to. In Blender, you tend to have to select a lot of edges resting on planar surfaces to get the desired result when subdividing–otherwise Blender will make a mess. The below thing is a relatively simple object, so it’s not a big deal to have to figure out which edges to give bevel weight to and which ones to leave alone, but in weirder / more complex objects it can be pretty frustrating, and I’m pretty sure I’ve had some objects where I just couldn’t figure out what to do and ended up having to do the edge control myself, manually. I miss Quad Chamfer’s ability to figure that stuff out for me.

(I could be misremembering–I haven’t had access to Max for a while now. But I remember Quad Chamfer acting like magic.)

Also, I’d recognize a Perna image anywhere :smiley:

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Will give money for that. The thing is that it makes the process really quick unlike the method posted above :frowning:

I like this method quick and easy I would really want this in blender.

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this would be a major add-on to Blender if realized. The QUAD CHAMFER method makes it possible to Sub-D heavily N-GON models (booleans). This video really explains how powerful it can be: