Quad/Clean Bevel Addon

hi there,

is anyone aware of a bevel addon that doesn’t create ngons and tris when beveling edges?
in softimage i was able to turn on “uniform mitering” and the triangles not only collapsed but also were offset the by the same amount as the other edges (see image)

cheers christian

Has you try with the key “I” to create inner offset or outer offset and remove the original edge then?

in this single case that might work but what if i have a shape like this:

Use the parameters panel in the Tools Panel to left, please.

You make one “I” for the inner offset with the inner face selected and then the outer offset with the face selected in first time + the new ring but change “to extern” in the left options panel.
Then select the median edge loop and you make X -> “edge loop” to remove the median edge loop.
and Voilà!

this works in an example where the area is flat … but if you want to bevel the edges in the above image of me it doesn’t work because you can’t inset edges but only polygons
if you extrude inward and then want to bevel the edges it does not work

Then remove the median edge loop!

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i attached a scene.
if you manage to inset the selected edges you are my personal hero and i might eventually name a possibly future family pet after you … unless you name is gaylord focker of course :wink:

bevel.zip (100 KB)

You begin with a lie: In Softimage you work on the circle ground not in a bevel!
Now you say a bevel on a hollow, it’s different!

Don’t make comparison with SoftImage firstly!

i started with a simple example to show the difference in edge beveling.
if you use a workaround with a polygon selection this might work in the first example
that’s why i showed the second example which is pretty much the same as the scene file ^^

Show me for the second kind with an hollow, the result with softimage yet!

here you go ^^


Not possible with Blender but you can corrected the Blender Bevel for each angle…

METHODE: With this two add-ons, you can make simply the job

And this explanations: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hhv5zo4qrk4rhgv/AAAwYegeq5LiJHuQJigcaB7pa

Select one edge and choose “Extend”, make the same with the second edge (but you can select the both, the addon run with multiple edges).
Select the 2 new edges and use “Smart 2 edge intersect” and remove the wron edges.
Select the 3 vertices and merge them at the intersection and all is finnish!

Make the job for all angle and hop!

This is your corrected bevel HERE