quadro 2000 or firepro V 5900 which is better for use with blender


Please help me to choose video card for blender.

Which will be better?

Neither. As Blender doesn’t really use the “professional OpenGL features” like Quadbuffering or LineAA, nor is properly supported in the drivers.

However depending on the software either the Quadro or the FireGL is superior, only in a few occasions they are pretty much on par - here some examples:

SPEC Viewperf 11:
V5900 in Catia03: 19.7 FPS, Lightwave-01: 52.5 FPS, Maya2003: 59.1 FPS
Q2000 in Catia03: 29.7 FPS Lightwave-01: 52.9 FPS, Maya2003: 20.5 FPS

SPEC Viewperf 10:
V5900 in 3dsmax04: 60 FPS, Catia-02: 55.1 FPS, Maya-02: 311.1 FPS
Q2000 in 3dsmax04: 76.1 FPS, Catia-02: 84.2 FPS, Maya-02: 262.5 FPS

You’ll be better off to buy a GeForce at the moment. Faster in CUDA, and with disabling double sided shading (software backface shading) you’re likely to be faster in the viewport.

It’s a rather easy rule of thumb, if you need for instance Stereo3D for the creative suite you don’t need much power but a Quadro driver for the quadbuffering, you buy a cheap Quadro. If you need it for 3D, you’re better off with a GeForce, as an expensive GeForce is the same price as a cheap Quadro, however a Quadro performing without particular OpenGL features like a GeForce is in the top end of the Quadro pricerange (4000-6000 Euro)

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