Quadro 600 for Cycles

Almost bought a new graphic card when I realized it did`nt fir in my computer!
Then I found the Quadro 600

A bit confused: Most important: Is it good for Cycles?
And is there anyone out there with experience with this card?

Greatfull for any help!

Blender doesn’t benefit at all from Quadro cards. It probably will work for Cycles but I would not recommend it - 1GB DDR3 and only 96 CUDA cores probably wont get you the results you want. If you are looking for something in that price range I would suggest either the GTX 560ti or GTX 660 for a little more.

I am afraid, though that you may be more interested in a the size of the card. When you say the one you were going to buy didn’t fit in your computer did you mean it was too tall (covered too many slots) or too long? Getting a shorter card, lengthwise, is certainly easier than finding a single slot GPU today (unless you can afford one of the liquid cooled ones from EVGA).

I have a HP z600, the card i was looking at (GTX 660) needed more power than the computer would suply.
I am a bit lost in space inn these matters so I realy appreciate your help!

Oh, I see. That actually makes things a lot easier. All you need is to get a new power supply and then you should be able to get any GPU you like. For a high end single GPU a 750 watt power supply should do you well. I use Cooler Master power supplies with modular cables for convenience but there are many brands out there to choose from. The GTX 660 will do fine at rendering in Cycles, just keep in mind that the only real reason to get a 6xx series card over 5xx one is for the larger VRAM capacities on some of them. 5xx series still perform 10-15% better for Cycles rendering.

But what does it mean?
Is that a good thing for my Adobe programs?

From what I can tell looking around Adobes site the Mercury playback engine is supported on the GTX580 and GTX 680. There is also a really simple hack (basically a text file) which will enable most of the CUDA cards to work with Abode software. I also use Adobe Creative Suite (CS5 in my case) but don’t do any video editing intense enough for me to need GPU acceleration in Premiere or After Effects. Not sure that is what you were asking about, if not then try again :slight_smile:

If you were asking about the 6xx vs the 5xx. Since Cycles needs to fit the whole scene in the GPU VRAM it is most advantageous to have as much as possible. Hence, a GTX 660 is ~10-15% slower at GPU rendering than the GTX 560, however, the GTX 660 is available with 3GB VRAM whereas the GTX 560 maxes out at 2GB.

This was clarifying.
I need to look at the different solutions and to have a serious debate with my wallet.
Tx for the help, I’ll buy you a beer if you ever drop by Oslo.

You are welcome.

If that debate with your wallet becomes too much then the GTX 550 and 650 will still work fine, just a little slower. Just be sure to always get one with as much VRAM as you can afford. Plus, if you have an extra PCI express slot on your motherboard then you can improve performance later by getting a second GPU as well… one thing at a time though right :slight_smile:

Cheers, and happy shopping,