Quake 2 modeling

(Lemmingz) #1

Can I use blender to make or edit Quake 2 models? (.md2 format)
I found only a dead link in the knowledge base.

(S_W) #2

you could try “milkshape 3D”( http://www.swissquake.ch/chumbalum-soft/ms3d/index.html ) to open the .md2 files and to convert it to vrml2. then you could try to import this model into blender and save it again to vrml2. now you can perhaps import the .wrl in milkshape and save it as .md2.
hope this helps :wink:

(Eric) #3

blender doesn’t support vrml2, but I’m sure Milkshape supports DXF.

(Lemmingz) #4

Thanks for the info, but I have a Linux only machine. is there a milkshape for linux? I also saw a link to a python script to convert blender to md2, but the link was dead. this was posted in the knowledgebase.