Quake 2 railgun

Here are some screens of the classic railgun from the old school first-person shooter video game Quake 2.

I hope to use it as a mod for the PC game Fallout 4. But my technical expertise is limited to 3D modeling.

Might need some help with that.



Open the file for this weapon. Click on T to make the tools tab open on the left side of your 3D view (in case it is not already there). Then select your weapon in object mode and click on the “smooth” button under shading on the tools tab.

Is that applying a smooth modifier to a selected mesh?

If I’m going to use this as a weapon mod in a video game, there can’t be any visible polygons or rough edges.

Yup, it’ll make it smooth and hide all those lines we can see. Give it a shot =)



oh man old memories

If you think you can help me with this, please send me a PM.