Quake 2 remake demo released

here is the demo realese of Quake 2 I’ve been working on enjoy
it is fairly slow so watch out people with old pcs

Scorched Earth Games Dev
Joel Tellez


I’m on Linux, can’t run exe’s.

PS: Some screenshots would be nice.

o my bad here is the .blend

it wont work on 2.24a

it wont work on 2.24a

Worked for me under 2.42a (Linux version).

Cool game. :slight_smile:

Great job, one of the first downloaded blender games that actually keep the textures.

it ran okay on my old system

ya, works in 2.42a,

though i noticed that the blend ran alot faster then the exe.

edit: and because its pretty good 4 stars

It work’s just fine for me.
But besides that the camera needs some work and the game itself lag’s too much I only got it to run up to 7 Fps. :confused: And as far as I know my pc is basicly the best one for 2006.

Anyways I might edit it later and make the Fps go up :smiley: So it really dose not matter. Keep up The Good Work.


Everything is uppside down. the controls and graphics. w=backwards and s=forward. I’ll show a screen.

Edit: It works now.

not having the up-side-down problem

i am using 2.24a linux version on laptop not working

I didn’t get any sounds. The game ran smooth. Looked pretty good. The guys fell down pretty funny. I got a good laugh out of that. I’m using Linux and sounds are a little iffy anyway, but I get them to work on my own games.

Very nice.

yes there arn’t any sounds i have no way of geting any or making my own and the upside down problem, look up and it will fix itself if not look up farther u can go 360 without stoping o and it was made in 2.42a so u shouldnt have problems

Check out find sounds if you have an internet connection and can download.

It’s amazing how footsteps and gun noises will help bring you into a game.

hm wow thanks that will be usefull

Mouselook fails on OS X

looks really good from what I’ve seen of most blender games. doors seem to be fairly clean, framerate pretty decent, and the elevators are a nice touch.

I would recommend:

  • walking sort of gives a sliding feel…like walking on ice
  • would be nice to know what the numbers mean…I assume health, ammo, and armor?
  • enemy wasn’t very believable…looked to me at first like the guy wanted to shake my hand before I realized I was supposed to kill himvery nice start. I look forward to seeing what you can do with more textures and sounds.

Hmm weird everything i download from save file is empty :\ wonder why!

Um, so this Quake 2 you made runs on the Blender game engine?

Did you program this with Python?