Quake 3 MD3 exporter needs an adjustment

This awesome script is not working in Blender 2.57b : http://xembie.com/2010/md3-exporter/

It was written for 2.53+, but for some reason the author has vanished and never made sure the script works with the latest official release.

The issue here is that after installing the add-on, it doesn’t show up in the list of available add-ons.

Can someone help the modding community and fix the issue please?

Thank you.

This should work;


Needs a maintainer though…

Thank you, Uncle Entity ! How can we add that to the Add-ons Db at blender.org? (maybe some one will be able to maintain it?)

Do you do contract work by any chance? There is at least one script from 2.49b that I would like to have working in 2.57b.