Quantum. Light of Blue

Hello everyone,
It’s been awhile since my last post. I would like to share with you my latest non-commercial project. :eyebrowlift:

“Quantum. Light of blue” is a Personal Project made for Digital Art Award 2017 organized by CGTrader

I was invited and I used the opportunity to participated by creating something interesting for this CG event.
My main goals were to realize and create from scratch a piece of an imaginary world, space environment, part of my personal concepts. The working title of the project is called “Quantum. Light of Blue”

Everything was made entirely in Blender and rendered with Cycles
more info and details here:
> http://ivaydesign.com/portfolio/quantum/
> https://www.behance.net/gallery/59091655/Quantum-Light-of-Blue

Hope you will like it!



Feel free to comment and share :slight_smile:


Wow , no comments? It looks very good and original.

really good, that grainy effect makes it more real

Thanks @DigitalNeutrino! :slight_smile:

Wikifry - Much appreciate it!
Yes, it was placed with purpose to complete the feeling for different atmosphere environment.
:slight_smile: Thanks! again

Nice! So how did you make the 3d Environment model?

Thanks Xero!
Mainly I used sclupting procedural techniques to shape it right

  1. Start with simple 2d sketch, which I will post it later - to find the right composition
  2. Then I’m working for the overall mood and what I want to say exactly, again 2d/3d iterations:)
  3. Using modifiers to shape the general blocks and shapes based on my 2d comp
  4. Modeling in detils the 1, 2, 3 plan of the composition. Sculp Tool in Blender + displacement + micropol. displ. based on what I want to achieve.
  5. Changing the picture to for different scenarios to get the right spot :slight_smile: and then post production

I hope this could help you to get more about how was made