Quantum Unleashed:Creatures 21/06/2011

[ATTACH=CONFIG]142983[/ATTACH]Quantum Unleashed:Creatures.(Crab)

Progress of the game.
–Crab Creature interaction.

Type: First Person Shooter.


Please leave some feedback.Need ideas to improve the quality.



Anybody?..Can you here the echo?? I need feedback.

Be patient, waiting ~4:30h isn’t enough to ask for comments. :wink:

The game looks good, there are some flaws though. I think the texture on the three make it look unrealistic, they are to green. I also think the sky texture should be replaced with a more realistic one.

But overall, this is pretty good. :slight_smile:

Mirata is correct, the tree’s a bit too green. Still, it looks really good. Also, the sky is a bit plain - get a free sky texture and use that since the rest of your game is realistic. Finally, you should add some background buildings around the walls to give the illusion of being in a city. In fact, it doesn’t really matter what you put around it, as long as you give atmosphere to the setting - if you’re supposed to be on a cliff somewhere, that’s fine, as long as you put the ocean and some cliffs around to give people that idea. Overall, the game looks pretty great. Nice job on it so far.

Ok guys thanks for feedback.I will try to fix the tree color…and i’ll try to add some buildings around.

Looks like an ok start, what are your plans besides makeing a MP version first?

Will it be released as open-source, with a creative commons media license?

Well I have alot to do with MP part …like a lot of perks and that stuff,and the SP part it is already written…I mean I already have the basic storyline.It will look very different …
And the game is not yet in a big progress and I can’t say if I will release it free or comercial…depends,how good the storyline is,the graphics,gameplay etc.There are still a lot to do and I hope I will release a alpha testing.

I don’t even know why I posted this thread here…

You posted here because you want some encouragement!
Unfortunately, you must know that this is an artist’s community, most artists are rarely impressed with a job or a level of graphics, already attained by someone. The thing is: Your game looks great form the screenies, but that’s the easy part on BGE, a video showing some game play, menus, and other features can be more appealing. Also, prepare your posts in a more attractive way : plan your screenshots, we most know what you are looking at; post you updates with a title, like after implementing a feature or a set of features. Since your game runs already at a very good fps, and if the basic logic is implemented, add some AI, baddies, or complete your maps, etc…
Good luck, and keep it up!

great stuff, i enjoyed the graphics tho!
keep up the good work :smiley:

Nice looking screenshots and video. :slight_smile:

I actually looked at the thread earlier, but I’m lazy so only clicked on one of the image links. Perhaps upload some smaller sample images to the forum and display the images directly in your posts so people don’t have to click to see the images. You can include a link to the higher resolution images as well, but setting out your threads so that they produce an instant “wow” from viewers can really inspire a response.

Keep going with this, it looks worthwhile. :wink:

I think that youtube videos are automatically included in your posts in a player window if you just place the url directly in the text of your posts. If it’s a good video this can really impress and inspire.

Thx for all the Info.

My pleasure :slight_smile:
I still have to check the video!

New video up!

If you use the “insert video” button when posting, you can embed the youtube video on blender artists, so that people can play it without opening a new window.
Looks really good. What’s you next priority? Enemy AI, weapons, Sounds? I’ll be very interested to see where it goes next.

Very cool, congratulations, about the sun reflecting where you dont want it to reflect, just make a spec map for it, and it ll look more realistic, and for the strong bloom, why youd dont use retinex? Its a little more heavy than bloom, but at least for me it give me a good quality.
I work with real time presentations, and I got used to work with the lightmaps to make it look more real. This images are outdated, but right now I dont have the final version file with me to take a image, so if you need help with the light and filters settup, I can give you a quick help, you are really making something cool.
I really think that your game have future, for me graphics are essential today, and Its weird to read that the “artists” here dont get impressed by them, i really dont see too mutch artistic things around here, and the few ones that pops up the comunity should really suport! Sorry torakunsama, but i desagree with this idea, for me something that shows potential should be suported, I really dont care about the appeling of the thread, but I do care about the content of it, never judge a book for its cape, right?

Thanks for your nice words! Thanks!
I use spec maps,and I dont use bloom,i use retinex!
The brightness comes from the HDR filter,I can’t set it up right.
I really need some advices on the lightning,because I still have issues with it.
And by the way,the screenshots looks really good!

I think if you took out the glow/gloom effect,it would look much nicer.
Thats my opinion though.
other than that,it looks great

Hm I don’t think it would look better…though I will decrease the glow.

i personally think the glow rather suits it!