Question about a modelling a house.

Hello it’s my first post here. Recently me and some friends of mine started trying to make a game, using blender for modeling.

We finished modelling it, and assigned different materials to different parts of the house (which we also unwrapped), so that we could bake an “UV to SVG” map in Substance designer.

The thing is that many artifacts started showing up in some areas of the roof and in front of the house, and as it seems, it is due to the low polygon count, because the smoothing doesn’t display correctly exactly in these areas (almost on the edges of the polygons).

I would like to ask your opinion about what mistakes we made in the procedure of modeling, and what we generally should be careful of in these situations (for god’s sake we were flipping and recalculating normals for about an hour after we got wind of the smoothing problems).

I’m posting a blender file of the house, and two screenshots from substance, where said artifacts are appearing. Thanks in advance, we love 3D graphics and we hope to continue learning as we are for the past month.


HouseFinishedforExport2.blend (599 KB)

In Object Mode, select your model and add an Edge Split modifier.

At least some of those artifacts look like reversed normals. You might also have duplicate vertexes.
In edit mode, select all vertexes press W and select Remove Doubles.
Then use Ctrl-N to recalculate normals (or click Recalculate in the left-hand Tools panel).

Wow super fast replies! Thanks a lot!

First, Sanctuary your reply was like the ultimate solution. The artifacts disappeared, both in Blender and in Substance. Which brought us a new question. How does edge split work? I thought it would only work in Blender’s 3D view, but somehow it’s ok in Substance,too, and I can’t imagine why this is true.

Second, sabba I forgot to mention that this house has room inside, with solid walls/roofs/etc and we understood at some point that some normals were reversed and fixed them manually one by one, and the problem still wasn’t solved.
But we still have a question about faces and normals. As you can see, the windows have those glasses painted light blue. We would like to make them transparent using a texture afterwards, but due to them being single-faced, we can look through them from inside the house. Is there a way to give a single face a texture, and see it from both sides?

U can also select faces where u do set shading:flat in edit mode, like those windows and no curved, flat walls.

I imagine the Edge Split modifier works in Substance because as the documentation says, “The output of the EdgeSplit modifier is available to export scripts, making it quite useful for creators of game content.”