Question about a sort of 2D view


Im new to this forum and I hope you guys can help me with a question. Yesterday I started to make a high rise building with a online turtorial. But mine problem is that around 9:00 minutes in the movie the guy switch to a kind of 2D view to attach the window frames. How does he switch to that 2D View? I guess it is a lot easier when I can see the building in 2D, so i can attach the window frames. I searched the internet but i can’t find the solution. I really hope someone can help me here.

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P.S: This is the link to the movie.

Use Numpad 5 to switch between Perspective and Orthographic view
in orthographic view:
numpad 1 = front view
numpad 3 = side view
numpad 7 = top view

Thanks a lot. I get the view, but now mine little cube still spawns under the building. How can I fix this?

That building is made of mirror and arrays. Sounds like you made a cube and it got reproduced. Remove the original cube to remove it all.

Thanks a lot!
Problem solved1!!