question about animating some landing gear.

Hi. I’m new to animation in Blender and I’m having trouble with some landing gear I’m animating on a spaceship I’m working on.

I’ve set LocRot keyframes for my landing leg but when I play it back the gear sort of sways out to the left on it’s way down and up. If I attach the blend file could someone maybe have a look and see if they know what’s gone wrong?

yeah attach it and ill look at it… im new to blender also, (im going threw the mancandy faq dvd) So probably wont be able to help. Ill try though.

Thanks man.

I just tried to upload it there but it’s bigger than the file size limit for the forum :frowning:

maybe make a torrent and post link… or upload to a file server site and post link. idk

All is good. I put another keyframe at a halfway point in the animation, set the landing gear in a straight line and it’s done the job :slight_smile: