Question About Attaching Views

Hi guys,

I had trouble thinking of a good title because I’m finding this really hard to explain lol. My problem is I’ve begun modeling front and side views of faces, and I have finnished them both. But now I dont know what to do next. I guess my question is how to you put the face views together? I mean I have a side and front view mesh but if I duplicate and flip it to make it whole, then that gives me a full head mesh with an extra front view mesh… so why would you even need a front view mesh when character modeling? I’ve seen alot of totorials about meshing the 2 views but none of them ever told me what to do once I have the views meshed…

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Confusing… the idea is to use front and side views (images) only as references, to make ONE mesh. In Front view you construct the mesh on the (2D) X,Z plane and then in Side view you drag those same mesh elements onto their Z,Y positions, making the mesh 3D.


Ok I was just wondering, I got that far, but my question was, why bother making the front 2D mesh if you don’t use it? I mean You actually use the Side View mesh on the Z,Y by putting them together but whats the point in even making the front view? Isn’t it kinda pointless?

You only ever create one mesh from the start of modelling to the end. You correctly place the verts of the mesh in front view (x,z plane) and then in the side view of the same mesh move the verts to the correct depth (y axis value). There never was or shouldn’t have been a second mesh.