Question about blender vervions on linux

Hi …
I have a question about blender versions on linux i mean if we go to the download page at we will find 6 versions . There is 2 for powerpc that i understand but why the other 4 ?
What is the difference between the static and dynamic versions ? When i downloaded blender 2.4 i downloaded both versions and the tow of them worked so what is the difference between them ?
And now there is 2 versions for python 2.4 and 2.3 why ?


Dynamic versions yse your hardware acceleration ( your graphics card )
As in the Linux world most vendors don’t release theyre drivers or if you don’t
want to use proprietary licenced drivers you must use the Open Source ones
that don’t work very well ( no 3D acceleration)

To be fast…If your graphics card work well with 3d games and you have Python
2.4 installed, donwload the dynamic/py2.4 version

Thanks man