Question About Change Game Models Into CG Models

Hello, I have some lowpoly game models with 256 and 512 textures. How can I make these models into highpoly CG models? How to make these textures into 2048 x 2048?

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Upscaling textures is much more difficult than down scaling. You can easily open your textures in Photoshop, GIMP, Krita, Pixelmator, Affinity Photo, ClipPaint, or even MS Paint and resize them to whatever size you want, but because you don’t have enough detail for the higher size, your result will be blurry

Basically: make them from scratch. Seroiusly: If you want something in better quality you have to buy or build it in that quality. A 6.55$ bottle of wine can’t be ever the quality as a 420$ bottle of wine…
(If you are curious: The numbers are from 256 * 256 / 10000 and 2048 x 2048 / 10000 :wink: )

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And, “wine analogies notwithstanding,” you cannot create detail where none exists.

If you give a digital computer “many pixels” or “many polys,” and ask it to compute something with fewer pixels or polys, then there are plenty of algorithms that can do that. But it’s quite impossible to go the other way, because “there is simply nothing for a blind and ignorant digital computer to draw from.” There is no suitable “input.”

You have to be the one to interpret those models and creatively invent appropriate new ones. “Have fun!”

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