Question about Curve Mode support in Blender.

I am aware that not all applicable modifiers perform their operations successfully on curves or curved surfaces in Blender, since not all operations are implemented (curved surfaces in particular).

It would certainly expedite matters if I could:

-Fill between two curves to generate a NURBS surface, with all it’s handles.

-Do a surface respective Knife cut on a NURBS Surface, with the option to separate
parts into two NURBS surface objects.

-Do an object join on two NURBS surfaces, particularly at connection points or
to an edge or just it’s points, either if points and or edges are touching, or
at translation or non-affine transformation.

-Do the boolean operations on two NURBS surfaces, to take away one part
as a NURBS surface.

-Is there anyone who knows anything about the present or futurestate of development on Blender who can comment about these? I would love a reply.

Don’t expect any improvements in nurbs surfaces

For curves there is the GSOC project

if you like working with curves and splines, check out cinema 4D. they nail it.

If you want to use nurbs then use the correct piece of software. Surface are just tacked onto blender in a very primitive way so best not to waste your time trying to make them do what you want them to do. They are not a priority, never have been and most likely never will be.