Question about and getting people to review your patches

Hey all,

So I have made a patch and submitted it to… and attached in the project maintainer to review the patch… this has worked in the past but this current patch, i haven’t had a response. I have sent an update asking for any changes and still no response. (it has been ~2 months since I first submitted it)

Is it usual for this to happen? Is there anything else I should do in terms of getting someone to review it? I dont like constantly bumping up the thread either as i know the developers are very busy with bigger projects.

Unfortunately, 2 months without review is not an exception (but not the rule either!).

I suggest to contact the maintainer via Email or IRC during BCon 1 and 2 phase, they are usually too busy in 3-5.

Thanks for the advice CoDEmanX… I will try and send him an email tonight.

Unfortunately sometimes you need to find whoever might review and be a bit persistent (aka kick them) to review your patch.

It also helps to drop into #blendercoders on IRC and check with devs there, but with timezones it can be a bit hit and miss.

If this seems all to fuzzy - you can always mail bf-committers and say “Hey, review my patch!” - prefer this doesn’t happen all the time… but if you can’t get some attention its OK last resort.

Also, keep in mind there are areas of code maintained by volunteers, or just not that well maintained at all.

  • if you could give some URL to your patch I could take a look too if its an area I’m familiar with.