Question about fluid sim

I want to use the fluid sim to make a flamethrower. I know it sounds odd, but I think it can work. My idea basically came from seeing so many flamethrowers in games that just seem to puff out a bunch of glowy, fluffy, orange gas, not actual burning fuel.
The idea I had was to use Blender’s fluid sim to spwe out a stream of liquid, then bake than and use selected verts to attach sprites to (in the game engine I’m using). So basically it’s a particle system controlled by vertices on a model, like Blender’s halo materials.

I baked a test fluiod sim to see if my idea worked, but when I go into edit mode in the fluid object, it’s just a big cube.

Is there a way to find the vertex coordinates of a fluid object?

I have been wanting to turn the fluid sim object into a softbody so I can apply wind to it…no luck. the object is just the domain shape. Let me know if you come up with anything.

google up blender effects, not sure if they used fluid sim for the flame thrower but i remember a really good effect on their site.