Question about long hair rigging

Hello everyone,

This is my first post. I have been working in blender for 6 months now, I have a limited background in 3DMax.

I am working on one of my first big projects. Im modelling a comic book character, mainly for practise. I have her textured and have a posing rig built, and key frames for the facial movement. The problem however is this:

The character has VERY long hair. It goes down to her lower back. I modelled the hair (as in its not particle hair). I was wondering if there is a way to rig, or some other option Im just not aware of, where I can make the longer part of her hair react with the body in terms of collision.

If I rig her head and neck to include the crown of her hair, and if I move her head/neck, will the longer, flowing part of the hair react naturally? As if its affected by weight or gravity or both, so the hair just doesn’t stay static and clip right into the model?

Im not sure if this exists, or if it does, if it beyond my skill set, but any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Here is hair dynamics example using cloth simulation:

I had a quick look through that and it looks like exactly what I need.
Thanks so much Ridix :slight_smile:

Hey again guys!

I had a look at that video ridix and as helpful as it was it doesn’t sort out my problem. Let me try and explain it a little better.

The character I have modelled has long hair going down her back. She is fully rigged, when I move her head/neck rig on the Z-axis she looks left or right as wanted. However, the long hair passes through her shoulder, chest, arms etc.

I tried to set it up so her hair would ‘collide’ with the body when I move the head bone, but to no affect. Posing the characters rig is going to be a nightmare if I can’t get the hair to react with the rest of the model.

Something along the lines of, like in a computer game for example; when long hair hits a characters shoulder, its moves as if it is reacting to physics/gravity naturally. Is it possible to do this with the hair I have built, so when I move any part of the character’s armature, the hair will react , and collide, moving the hair to the most logical position?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!