Question about low poly model.


So to keep it short, I wanted to give low poly models a shot. Seems it’s a bit trickier than what I thought, and I am facing a slight problem. I wanted to make a low poly rounded flower pot, but the results were that it was too blocky. I added a subsurf modifier set on 1 and applied it, but the results were that it became too high poly. What do you suggest I do? Should I just forget about it being round and go for something more square? I added some edge loops that i moved around manually to make it more round but it isn’t helping. Using the Smooth button doesn’t make it look good at all. All suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

lowpolyflowerpot01.blend (581 KB)

So you want a lowpoly model that looks highpoly? Or are you going for the lowpoly aesthetic? If the latter than you could bake the highpoly with the subsurf model on to a lowpoly one? Maybe?

enable ‘smooth’ shading, regardless of hi or low poly.

Well I basically want a low poly model that doesn’t look blocky. I’ll try your suggestion and see if it works better than what I just did. Thank you for your answer.

I had tried enabling the smooth shading before, but it didn’t look good at all. So I tried again while adding a bit of geometry and it looks much better already. Thank you for your suggestion.

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This isn’t low poly and I understand your problem with it not looking smooth enough. Way back in the PS1 and N64 era they had blockier models that looked smoother than this and they were able to pull that off by texturing it to look like a smooth surface that was already lit, rather than having what would have been an octagonal prism of sorts interact with any real lighting which would expose its true shape. For example a photo of a sphere looks round despite it being a flat surface, this is just expanding that concept to another dimension by putting a photo of a sphere or other smooth object on a blockier object.

Though for something like this that would have likely been a minor detail in a larger scene it would have just been a 2D sprite on a plane.

That is very interesting to read about! Thank you. I never did low poly before, so it’s an unknown world to me. I really find low poly aesthetics to be very pleasing to my eyes and that is why i now want to dabble in that. On my latest screenshot the pot on the left is indeed not low poly, the one on the right however is. It is just the smooth shading that makes it look that good. But I do understand that there are ways to make it even more low poly! Thank you for your feedback.

Shenfara if you want to have a surface that looks smooth with fewer polygons, maybe you can try to use normal maps.