Question about Mac G5

Im just wondering how much should I offer for second hand one? Its a Mac G5 Dual Processor 2 Ghz with 2GB of ram and 150GB hard drive. It has Mac OSX Tiger (10.4.3) installed and its in a excellent condition.

Thank you.

around 400 to 500

this one is very cheap.

hell I would buy it just because of the tower and put a hackintosh into it.

Thank you sir!

I guess I could get it for $225, however its worthless to me because I cant install the latest OSX on it.:frowning:

Apple has abandoned the G5 processors in favor of the Intel suite … and I would advise you to do the same.

I recommend to clients that they should lease their computer equipment if at all possible, regarding it as an asset that has a useful service-life of no more than two years. (Always be sure to get a “bumper to bumper” warranty for this entire period or longer.) After this very short amount of time has elapsed, there is always significantly better hardware (and software) available, such that it is most economical to switch to it. It generally does more and costs less.

Or you sell used and buy new hardware.
that is what I always did and I always found a buyer for my older hardware.


I had a qaud core power mac g5 but decided not to sell it since nobody would buy it.