Question about motion blur


This is my very first project in Blender. Nothing fancy.
Any constructive critisism is welcome.

I have a question about the propeller of the plane:

When you look at a proppeller of a flying plane it is more or less a blurry circle.
I’ve managed to reproduce this a bit using vector blur. However, I find the result not good enough.

Does somebody know a better way of producing this circular blur effect?
It should provide the illusion of a fast spinning propellor.

Old propellor:

Generally, propellors are faked, using, as you’ve noticed,

more or less a blurry circle.

Make a hemisphere, flatten it out some, make it semi-transparent (alpha = 0.5), give it a texture consisting of small dots (musgrave will do) and then set the map to panel as shown here.

This will make the dots map in circular lines around the y axis.

Here’s what it looks like

This is very quick and dirty. You can adjust the texture settings to get a better blurry circle. The key points are to make the material semi-transparent and to use spherical mapping to get the circles.

I tried your approach. It is a lot better now. I’ve added the old version in the picture with the modified one.
It might still require some tweaking. But the general idea was a good one.


Ok, glad it worked out. Looks good. I especially like the toon shading on the clouds. You might try using a gradient blue instead of a uniform blue for the sky background. It’s a nice fun render. Welcome to BlenderArtists.

Yes, with gradient sky it looks even nicer.
The clouds are 2D images facing the camera. I made them with a vector drawing program (Xara extreme).
I don’t know of a good way to produce clouds with a comic look and feel in Blender yet. I found some cloud tutorials, but they were more focussed on realistic clouds. That’s why I took 2D. That I liked.