Question about NLA action strips

I’m coming to Blender’s NLA from a video editing perspective (AVID/FCP), and there seems to me to be something strange about the action strips.

In this situation I would expect to see the same frame:

But in the first instance, the last frame of strip 1 overrides the first frame of strip 2. In video, that would never happen. The editor would show the second clip’s first frame in both cases because the Current Frame marker always shows the frame beginning at the marker (hatched area).

What’s odd about Blender’s action strips is that the strip ends on the last keyframe by default. Surely the strip should end 1 frame later than the last keyframe by default?

Or have I misunderstood something?

Sorry to bump this, just wondering if I’m the only person who finds this strange?

I can’t help with an answer to your question but I can confirm that you’re not alone in finding the workings of the NLA to be quite odd. I’m fairly new to Blender but I haven’t been able to find anything online to convince me that it’s not fundamentally broken.