Question about object and camera dimensions

Why is object plane with texture appearing smaller in camera view, when cameras dimensions are smaller than the object?
I made my texture twice the size of the cameras resolution but it’s appearing smaller. Will it be pixelated when I render out the scene?

Hello - It is hard to answer this question without more information about your scene setup and what you are trying to accomplish. I’ll try anyway, but forgive me if it is not what you are looking for. Below are two possible interpretations of your question:

  1. Object appears smaller:
    The apparent size of an object in camera view depends on its distance from the camera. Objects farther away will appear smaller regardless of texture size or output dimensions. To make the object plane appear larger, move the camera closer to it.

  2. Texture appears smaller on object:
    This may have to do with your UV layout, and/or your material node setup (the Mapping node, specifically). Scale the UVs or use the scale inputs in a Mapping node.

As for your last question about pixelation, the easiest way to answer it is to render and find out. Generally speaking, though, pixelation happens when the number of pixels in a texture is (much) smaller than the screen space it is covering. For instance, imagine a plane representing a brick wall in my scene. The wall is at a distance such that it takes up a quarter of my 1280x1080 image (essentially 320x270 pixels). A 1k texture will not be pixelated as it has more than enough information, and will be “scaled down.” A 64x54 pixel image, on the other hand, will have to be scaled up 5 times to fill the space, and will be pixelated.

If this is not what you are looking for, please provide more information (screen shots, or an upload of the file).