Question about parenting an object with Spline IK to a bone.


So I’ve followed this tutorial about rigging a quadruped, and have set up Spline IK constraints for the ears of my sheep.

Works splendidly for the most part: I can move the ears with the Spline IK controller.
However, when I move the head, the ear bones don’t follow, they merely rotate a bit around the spline.
The “base” bone of the ear is parented to the “head” bone. It works before the Spline IK is added.

I’ve tried using another hook at the base of the ear parented to the head bone, but then the tip of the ear stays behind.
Any help would be appreciated!

I’ve attached the blend file.


sheep test vs6.blend (1.4 MB)

Any help would be appreciated.

With the Armature selected, go to Pose mode:
First make sure no bone is selected (i.e. blue)
Select the spline (might be a bit tricky), then the head bone (turns blue), then Ctrl-P --> Bone.

Switch to Edit mode:
Select the ‘Ear bone tip’ bone, then the head bone (both orange now), then Ctrl-P --> Keep Offset.

Now, back in Pose mode, when you rotate the head bone, the ear (spline and bones) goes with it.

Repeat for the other ear…

I would also suggest that you put your IK spline bones on a separate armature.
It’s a bit of a pain but otherwise you will have refresh issues.

For example: if you start to move the “Ear bone Tip” bone but then Right-Mouse-Click to cancel the the bones influenced by the IK spline won’t go back to where they started.
I haven’t watched that tutorial you followed through but just skipping through the first five minutes just now I can see that his IK bones were on a separate armature.

I hope this helps and doesn’t just add confusion.

Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

It totally works!