Question about playAction()

I’m using playAction() to play a walking animation. The character is controlled by an Xbox controller, so I am able to get the magnitude of the joy stick position which I use to have a variable amount of speed of the player. I want to play the walking animation proportionally to the speed of the motion, so I set the speed parameter of the action to the magnitude value of the joystick. The problem occurs when the speed changes mid-animation, which causes the animation to reset to the first frame in the loop.

My question is: Is it possible to overcome this somehow, or should I just stick to a constant speed?

cant you use getActionFrame and setActionFrame before and after you call playAction()

it could work ?

frame += (player.worldLinearVelocity.x*multi)
if frame > end:
(tab)frame = frame-end
elif frame <0:
(tab)frame = end + frame