Question about posts...

I didn’t know where to post this thread, so I guess I will do it here…

OK, I want to put a some screen shots of my game I am making, but I have no Idea how to take a screen shot of my game =(… Can some one help?

  1. press alt+[print screen/sysreq] key
  2. open ms paint
  3. press control+v
  4. crop the image to the game window
  5. save as png
  6. upload somewhere
  7. ???
  8. PROFIT!

lol - southpark strikes again

  1. after uploading in the post click the little picture of a mountain and a sun icon and post the url link and hit “ok” and your picture should show up

Oooooh jeez. The …PROFIT! meme is NOT from Southpark, but dates verrrryy far back. It’s most commonly seen on Slashdot, a tech news aggregator, but it is NOT by any means something that Southpark created.

Also, the alt key isn’t required when you hit Print Screen (Prt Scr). Just the key by itself will work.

For more tools, you can try PrintKey or if you’re using Windows 7, the Snipping Tool is useful as well. These let you take shots of specific areas of the screen.


Small .jpg images can be uploaded to the forum directly with no need for an image hosting service. Use the paperclip button to open the attachments (you might need to hit the “Go Advanced” button to bring up other posting options) then upload the image. Clicking the paperclip icon again will bring up a list of attachments you have added and you can then click on them to add them to your post.

Thanks guys!