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(Monzta) #1

Hi you!!!

I have some problems with blender. The first one is, that I dont know how I can create a liquid. With Metaballs, because I want to animate it, that the liquid is cooking. Supplementary I dont know how the liquid will stay in the container. Must I write a Phythonscript or is there another possibility, because I have no idea of Phython.
The next question is, how you would create a pinguin? With different Meshes like planes, cubes and spheres? Or only with cube and planes and then with subdivide smooth? But this has not worked well. The figure has become very ugly. Perhaps there is another way to make… Tell me.
Thanx for reading.

(TazyTiggy) #2

For the pinguin have you tried subsurfs? They are real good for making organic creatures. You could start will something like a circle and just extrude and scale to get the basic shape. Then turn it into subsurfs in the edit buttons. After that just move the vertices around to get the shapes the you want.

I’m new at using the subsurfs and look at what I made with just a circle (extruding, scaling, and subdividing)

Subsurfs are a really powerful tool.

Edit: Also set to smooth after turning to subsurfs to get a smooth body. And if you get dark spots, tab to edit, select all and press CRL+N to recalculate the normals. This makes all the faces point the same direction. Also makes sure that the object isn’t double sided (edit buttons).

(RipSting) #3

I made a script that can simulate waves on a surface of an object. Good for making oceans and things, but also might be good for liquid in a pot.

Make sure to read the readme- You’ll have to download eeshlo’s dynoise module for my script to work.

It’s all automatic- just run the example with Alt-A

(TazyTiggy) #4

You can also make the material animated for the liquid, by using a materail IPO. I have done this is water in a pool to simulate it moving while a sword rises from it. The blender 2.0 book has directions on how to do this, also you could look for a tutorial on animating materials.

(Timonides) #5

If you want to do it with Metaballs, there is a good tutorial about them. You can get it from here:

You could also use the Wave effect, to do the animation…


(Monzta) #6

Super! Thanks! I think I must try out many things.