Question about saving

Hello, I’m sure this may seem like a very simple question to most of you, however i have been unable to find the answer. How do i save a rendered animation as a video file? any help is appreciated, thanks.

Press F10 to get to the Render buttons. In the format tab, where jpeg is most likely selected, click the pulldown and select a video format. If you are on windows, you will most likely have a avi codec selection available.

Best of Luck!

I tried that, and it just asked for the bit depth and the compression rate, nothing else happened.

The blender Wiki should have all the infos, maybe also try different searches like “rendering” or “video”

A start:

Basically you will need to hit the “Animation” button once

• all settings are the way you want them (see links above)
• you have told blender where the file should be saved to

You can render your animation as a sequence of images or as a .mov/.avi etc. file.

For combined sound/video output you need to check a couple of more settings and currently this particular feature has limitations under OS X.