Question about Shrink Wrap

I have looked at the tiny silent tutes for Shrink Wrap and I’m still lost. Is there a good text tutorial around or could one of you kind folks give me a few suggestions so I can get started? TIA!!


i think the release notes gives plenty on this new modifier

have you seen it ?

very easy to use !


Try this one for size :slight_smile:

Those vids, dudebot are hard for me to see (bad eyes).

Ricky-- I’ll look for the release notes.

find the new modifier it’s in there somehwere


Dude that is the exact same link I just gave!

And you don’t have to see hte movie to know what it does. I haven’t even watched it yet. And if it is too small just try and put it to full screen. It might handle it.

But the basics of the modifier are really simple. Just to show you what it does, try this “mini-tutorial”.

First, add a monkey, (Add >> Mesh >> Monkey),
Then add a sphere, (Add >> Mesh >> UV Sphere),
Next scale the sphere up with the S Key. Does matter how big it is, just make sure it is bigger than any part of the monkey. It has to completely cover the monkey.
Then add the shrink wrap modifier onto the sphere in the Edit Buttons (F9),
And in the Ob. field, type “Suzanne”

Now the sphere should cover the monkey just like a vacuum. Hope that worked for you. The wiki will explain everything better, you don’t even have to watch the video if you don’t want to.

Thanx, I’ll try that. I’ve been experimenting most of the day and I must be missin’ something.

Yo, Dude! I tried what you said and it worked just fine. Thanx for taking the time. I appreciate it!


this modifier is a complement to retopo
you can retopo a 3D mesh to another 3D mesh

which wa missing in the retopo tool

so it’s a fantastic new tool that complement the retopo


I appreciate the help. I wish it would allow you to drape a plane over something like a body but it seems to do exactly what it says and “wrap” one mesh in a second mesh. Darned tasty tool, though. Blender just keeps amazing me!


If you want to drap a plane over something… try the Cloth Modifier!! It was made for that!

That should tell you everything you need to know :slight_smile: It is an awesome tool!

Far out! Thanx!