question about the game engine

i was just wondering how good is the game engine because i seen some places said that you can’t make that good of games because they would run to slow i want to start a game but i don’t want to start it and have it run slow half way threw the game and waste all that time making it and never get to finish it. I saw some games and they looked like nice games made with blender but i just wanted to get someone that might know about the game engine more because i am pretty much new to most of this stuff and blender seems alot easyer then some of the game engines i downloaded before that you have to put stuff in folders that are pretty confusing when you dont know what you are doing

Hello and welcome to the magic world of Blender

A politically correct answer is:

Blender is quite easy to work, and can be fast too, but we can’t compare it
to sophisticated comercial engines.

A more realistic answer is:

don’t care much about “fast or not”, because, you alone, probably, will never
take the Blender game engine to it’s limits :slight_smile:
Unless, of course, you deliberated want to do it ( put 300 000 polys in a scene, or
10 000 polys characters in a open field battle) but them, probably, you can’t
make a nice 300 000 polys scene alone ( or even two or three people) so it
will be a waste of time

So, relax, learn the basics, and try to make a FINNISHED 5 000 polys level
with some 800 polys characters and nice textures.

Bye and start Blending

thank you for your answer and generosity