Question about the motion tracking

Hey guys.
i tryed out the motiontracking in Blender an got a short question.
I tryed to use this vid:
and build a part of a room and combining it using the screen keying addon and motion tracking.
But i found out that (it seems like) i have no option to set the tracked sceen up, so that it lines up with the z axis of my render scene.
So if i make a tracking scene out of it, the camera and the empties are all orientated somewhere between the axis.
Now my question is, if someone knows a way to line it up with the global z axis properly.
I mainly used the buttons of the clothes and the by blender suggested points for tracking.
Would be nice if someone could help me.

Thanks in advance

Dr. Console

Orienting the scene is done on the Reconstruction mode, where you can set floor, wall, origin, X & Y axis

Also, tracking a moving object without tracking markers or clear reference of the background is going to require a lot of guessing…

I strongly suggest you try some other footage with clear points to track (or, better still, shoot your own!)

Thanks for your fast reply.
I already tryed the tut from for camera tracking and noticed that it can also work properly like i thought.
But you seem to have some experience with the motion tracking, so maybe you can give me a short discription how the set x / y axis function works, because i didn’t understand yet how a single point can give the information where the x / y axis of the scene is.

Dr. Console

First of all you can’t do it with one point, you need to have at lest three successful tracking points that belong to a certain orientation, floor or wall, to be able to use this tools (that’s why an image with no trackers in the background sucks).
Then you select those points and assign them as floor or wall. from there you can select a single point to be the origin and use the set x or y taking the origin into consideration.
If you look at Andrew Price’s tutorial on minute 35 you can see how it works.

other resources: minute 7

good luck.

This may be off topic, but can I ask why you are using footage that is only given as an example of a failed matchmove. The comment on the hcw website says that if someone were to actually shoot like that, they should be fired.

The answer is very easy, i just wanted to try it, and if you forget about the orientation of the things on the axis, it already worked.

@ Cegaton: Thanks for the reply, but even this didn’t helped me out.