question about tidying up a mesh

I used a mirror modifier on the same mesh, more times than I care to admit. The base mesh (a UV sphere) gave me some, well…weird results.

Oh yeah, I should also probably mention that removing doubles in the larger area did nothing and increasing the merge distance made all the “verts” go out of whack. So… Is my only option to clean this manually? what if there are other glaring problems im unaware of.Any advise leading out of this nightmare is much appreciated.


This close-up doesn’t show what the object is and whether or not it requires the level of detail you’ve shown. I bring this up because most objects can be modeled without so many polygons. Then by using a subdiv modifier, you can smooth it out, etc.

So, before I can really respond to your questions, I have a few of my own…

What is it you’re modeling?

Are you sure you need all that detail?

Because I suspect whatever it is you’re modeling can be built far more easily with fewer polygons (read: lower polygon resolution) and then you won’t find yourself in the fix you’re in. :slight_smile: