Question about unwrapping 2 different objects

I modeled walls of an apartment mesh and separated them using P (Separate “Selection” option). Is there a way I can get their UVs to match even though each wall are different objects, or the wall’s vertex points need to be connected?

It doesn’t need to be seamless, but I’d love to get the checkerboard pattern to match in terms of size. Hope this makes sense, not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Right: when you play around with scaling the UV map, it changes the scale of the texture applied to the object. You’d have to play around with both of them to keep the relative scales in the image the same. If you are using generated texture images, you can even play around with the visual scale of any texture patterns in the images themselves, but that’s getting a bit more complicated than necessary.

The bottom line is: does the render look good from the angles and distances it will be seen from? If it does, then the UVs are properly done. Don’t get hung up on particular techniques.

There is another way to get your textures to match (in scale at least) without having to link or join geometry. Use the cycles “vector transform” node:

Thanks Orinoco, that’s what I was suspecting. There’s no particular angle I’m focused on though since it’s for game, so it can be almost any angle.

Moony, I’ll check out the link thanks!

Thanks again everybody, switching to solved.