Question about Zbuffer

Please, is it possible to render and save the Zbuffer as a bitmap?
I know, there’s a technique with one direct light and tuned mist, but I’d like some easier way :wink:

Add an Empty in your scene, and make it track the camera with the X Axis.

Make a new material with:
Emit=1; Ref=Spec=0
A BlendTexture in the col channel (that blends from white to black)
In the MapInput dialog select Object and insert the Empty’s name

Apply that material to all the objects in your scene

In the ObjectButtons (where you have applyed the track constraint to the Empty), with the empty selected click on DrawExtra Bounds.
Now scale the Empty until its border contains every object in your scene

Hit F12

Hope this helps (it is simpler that it seems)

P:S: sorry for my bad english

Thanx a lot. I thought, there’s something less difficult, but your method is very good.
And you’re using a perfect internet english :wink:

Geezus, why not just save as iris?

What program do you use that can read the iris format?

Look for the Showzbuf sequence plugin. You’ll need to know how to use the sequencer though.

Thanx for replies. I’d like to try the DOF filter in HCR Edit while our Zblur plugin doesn’t work in Blender 2.32.