Question: Changing mesh in-game and aramaturing new mesh

I have what I consider a weird problem - maybe I’m just doing something crazy here? Check it:

I have a shirt object that deforms with my armature. I want to be able to remove that shirt and replace it with a new one, but I’m having difficulties.

The way I’m doing it is, when you equip or unequip a shirt, it changes the mesh of a basic object (menu.e.shirt). Problem is, only one shirt will animate, while the other does not move. Is there a better way of doing this or can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

>Here< (megaupload; ~1.35mb) is a blend for messing with; mouse controls - click to pick up or drop an item, middle click and move the mouse to rotate the character. Whatever mesh that “OBmenu.e.shirt” starts with will animate correctly (if it’s “e.torso.villager” or “e.torso.chainmail”), but the other shirt doesn’t. I want to be able to equip either and have it animate. The .blend starts with the sleeveless shirt equipped, so that one will follow the armature, but the other will not.

I’m also having a couple other weird problems in the .blend -
When equipping the belt or chestpiece (deleted trying to get the file size down, can put them back in if’n you want), the sleeveless shirt becomes flat-shaded instead of smooth-shaded. No idea why. Any experience on what can cause things to change shading style in game engine?

The two flaps on the side of the belt are supposed to be physicked; if the meshes of “menu.e.waist.R” and “menu.e.waist.L” are set to ‘e.waist.spiked.1’, they will be physicked correctly, but if they start out as an empty mesh, the physics just don’t work. I’ve left one active, so you can see what they’re meant to do; if you equip the belt you can see how the other one doesn’t work.

Halp please. :slight_smile:

… I don’t think ‘physicked’ is the right word there. :o

Well, if the mesh changes but won’t animate its probably a parent thing. When you use an armature to control a mesh, the armature has to know which bones control which vertices in the mesh. The shirt mesh the character starts with has this information. What you could try is “pre-parenting” the other shirt mesh with the armature, that way it has the bone info also. Or you could also have all the shirts parented to the character and just turn the visibility of them off and on depending on which shit he is wearing.