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I’ve been asked to create a knight animation for friend, of the knight laughing or swinging a sword. I’ve only been doing blender for a few months and have yet to do a character model. Anyone have ideas on how I should approach this? I’ve been thinking just using Sub-Surf on cubes but that would be hard to animate right?

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try to find some good tutorials on maya for character modelling in the net.there is a good one on lightwave in can also ty some books like ‘mastering maya3’ etc.the ideas can be used greatly in blender.

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I made a suit of armor last year (never put a knight into it though). I just used subsurfs and extruded and copied from helmet and down.
If you’ve got a good curving on one plate, copy the edge to start the next with so you don’t have to start each one from scratch.
I also used a manequin model I downloaded to make it around, just to get the proportions right (that and a lot of comments from the community ;))
And remember to make it animatable while you model it, so you don’t get a finished model that looks strange when you try to make it bend. (Who was it that used the term “Collapsing ass syndrome?”)

Hope I’m making sense :wink:

Good luck
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(My suit of armor can be seen in my gallery by the way)

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that’s an amazing suit of armor! is it all made with just basic objects like cubes? Where can I find a manequin model?

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I don’t really know what you mean when you ask if it’s all made of basic shapes. I usually don’t add more than one or a few basic shapes per scene, then I extrude and copy parts of them.
I think I got the manequin from blendermania, that site is gone. I’m sure there must be others around though.
If you can’t find one just add a background image to help with proportions. (I think you press shift F7 to do that)

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