Question for my game homework

Greeting guys,
I want to make ocean waves like what martinsh does:

Since I’m new in blender and CG, I have to make a list of questions here:

  • I heard about fft, or perlin noise to simulating ocean water, can i do that on blender?

  • If i’m going to export the animated ocean wave–with moving waves–to opengl, is that posible? how?

  • we know that real wave involve physics, like collision, how do i ‘map’ that physics right on the ‘object’?–sorry for my confusing words.

I need a simple (since i’m a noob) but meaningful answer here, cause i have this homework to create game landscape, and i blind like hell about thus. :spin::(:no:
~Thanks for helping~

I dig it a little and found out that every 3ds files contains a series of blocks called chunks, which is contains information like: object name, coord of vertices, colors, and even the animation keyframes. And that made an answer of my 2th and 3th question, but i still hoping for some explanation from the expert here. Thanks.