Question from a beginner

Hi everyone I am new to blender and i have discovered a major problem. I have been following the tutorial, and perhaps I missed it or maybe they left it out because they thought it was the first thing you learn. How do you select Mesh objects after you create a new one? For some reason in the edit mode it doesn’t show the verticies and in the object mode i can select it. This means that i can not edit the meshes after i create a new one. Do people even use meshes as their starting point for creating models??

Hello MeShell. Meshes are (for the most part) what is used to create models. Use the Right mouse button to select objects in ‘Object Mode’ and Tab to switch between ‘Object Mode’ and ‘Edit Mode’. Overall, use the right mouse button to select just about anything (verts, etc.) Good Luck with Blender. :slight_smile:

Ok I understand now you have to select the object you want to edit in object mode and then switch to edit mode to edit it. thx for the help :smiley:

And in prefs, if you want you can swap mouse buttons so you can select with the left mouse button which seems more natural.

But then you have to translate in your head from the tutorials which usually have the mouse buttons reversed.