Question - hard to explain

Hey all,

This question is a little hard to explain, so i’ll do my best. :confused:

Is it possible to have a image or a plane in blender bend itself so that it’s the same shape as the ground beneath it. Like when you have a shadow of a person that bends when you stand on a rock.

Here’s an image. xD

Thanks. ^^


Oh, and it needs to be done without glsl if possible, since my computer can’t handle it.

Are you looking for a shadow effect? I do not know how to make it bend with the shape below it, but if you unwrap a plane and select shadow in the texture face panel, it will act like a shadow. It goes to the nearest plane that is below it it, but its shape does not bend.

hmm, Good to know but thats not enough i’m afraid. :stuck_out_tongue:

I need this for other puposes 2. Like magic spells where signs on the ground appear. And when I do this with shadows it looks newby when you stand on a hill.

Anyway, Thanks for your reply. :wink:

To me, it sounds like you need stencil buffers. Blender doesn’t allow you direct access to the stencil buffer. However, (if I remember correctly) Moguri mentioned that you can call raw OpenGL commands in blender 2.5. Therefore, you might be able to access the stencil buffer using python and blender 2.5.

If you need more information, I would recommend talking to Moguri.