Question: How to do inventory and equipping?

Hi I was wondering what’s the best way to have an inventory and to be able to equip items in a hotbar and on the player, like armour. I know you can just have properties of each item, but this isn’t good if you have a whole lot of items, and plus I don’t want each item in one specific slot in the inventory, I want it to go to the first available slot. I feel like doing an array or OOP would work but I don’t know if that’s even possible with BGE. Any ideas?


ha, that is also in the other script :smiley:

logic based gun manager, in your other thread.

use a list and cycle through it, the first 10 can be hotkeyed or?

Ok thanks I’ll check the other thread

Inventory tutorial:

Note: Without decent python knowledge, it might be difficult to follow.

If you wish to learn python, from the basics up, you can give this tutorial series a try:

Thanks a bunch I’ll have a look at that. I know python quite a bit, but not well enough to follow your tutorial unfortunately. I did actually look at it a few days ago while looking for a solution. I’ll look at your python tutorials too so that I can actually follow the inventory tutorial :slight_smile: