[Question] How to make a realistic human

Hi !

I am not a character artist (not even an artist at all, I’m a programmer) but I want to know how to make some realistic humans in Blender, MODO, 3Ds Max, Maya and/or ZBrush.

I know that I won’t make Arno Dorian but I want a good tutorial(s) showing how to make realistic humans WITHOUT the use of MakeHuman.

Thanks in Advance

Not a simple answer since “realistic” humans are one of the most difficult things to pull off, and doing so is very time consuming and expensive if you hire someone. It’s like asking how to paint a portrait, or how to write a symphony.

It really depends on how realistic you want to be.

Here are a couple of resources:


The first consideration is to have an understanding of human anatomy, including skeletal and muscle structure. From there you should be able to make a decent mesh without too much trouble using box modelling, sculpting, and retopo. Once you have the mesh, you need to have a deep understanding of materials to achieve a realistic look. The main thing, is UV mapping, and texture painting. also, sub surface scattering is an aspect of materials, that is generally used for making human skin.

Realistically speaking the most noticeable features humans make out in other humans is the face.

When speaking of realism we’re generally talking about it being representative. As in it looks human to those that aren’t paying attention.

It starts with a person being ‘imperfect’
we have wrinkles, disproportion.

The actual make of these things varies. Style, workflow, background. A beginning modeller is going to have more difficulty without reference. That’s for sure.

It also depends on what it’s to be used for. If it’s animation then there’s a whole other discipline - geometry.