Question: not only HI RES textures but LARGE textures

In my last exercise (Stairs to heaven) and in general in a lot of my tries texturing, I find a problem that drives me crazy.

I know a lot of sites with HI RES textures including all the maps of a PBR material, free sites, and pay sites.

But is very difficult to me to find large textures to avoid repetition patterns in walls, floors and so on.

Where do you fin )free or paid) large textures? Not seamless textures. Large textures for large walls for instance.

Lets make a list if you wish.

Really nobody has been in this situation like me?

I think there is a script for Blender that makes repeating texture not that repeatable. However let’s list our sources here for textures.

Also this:

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Sure, but instead of looking for bigger textures which impact memory significantly, I try to work around the problem. Here is one such approach which is suitable for flat projected textures that can survive being mixed and rotated (doesn’t apply to all kinds of textures).

I recommend having an image viewer open and use its replace functionality to replace the texture rather than editing within the node group several times.

Things get more complex if you do the mirror trick on non repeatable textures, and mix those like shown. And way more complex if you start throwing in support for blended triplanar box mapping with a randomly shifted normal (to better hide where the blending seam is located).

For simple stuff like tiles and floorboards, I base it around brick texture generator (3 off, if you want additional random effects) and use it’s color out routed through a noise to produce random colors per tile/board, and lookup a high resolution texture for the actual pattern.

Some other threads I’ve posted in:

In the first link at the very top, I also show one way on how you can utilize 4D generators to setup repeatable generators; one 3D for U repeats, and one 4D for U and V repeats. These are without distortions (like you get on a 3D torus approach) and without mixing generators which produce variations in spatial density (here is one voronoi pattern, whereas here is obviously two mixed). The downside is the coordinate system is not very intuitive. Maybe someone can improve that?

Of course, if you want wood patterns, the best way is probably to use the Bartek Skorupa approach to produce high quality lookup textures, possibly make them seamless in post using the anti seam approach shown above (never tried it).

Thank you all for your help.

I already know about the sites with textures. Most of them are seamless textures, that do not fit my needs.

About generating them, its not the case. Too complex work for my skills.

Anyway thanks. Hope somebody can point any site with large textures, if exists.