Question, obviously

I’m planning an animation which, as I see it in my head, would contain a backwards build where something dissolves, face by face rather than alpha level by alpha level. I’ve attempted this “backwards build” and it didn’t work like I wanted. How do I do this without having to reverse the animation or using the material’s alpha levels?!

Use a time IPO on the object you are building. Set the IPO value at frame 1 to the end of your animation, and the value at last frame to the beginning of your animation. That way, your build will happen in reverse.

Doing this will set the slope of the time IPO to -1 – this slope will reverse your keys, but not stretch or compress the time. A slope with an absolute value less than one will go through keys slower, while a slope with great magnitude will increase the speed.

I didn’t realize that using a time IPO would work! Let me test it!

9 minutes later…

Hey, it works! Thanks, meestaplu!

I’m glad to hear that!