Question of the week like a mission impossible? A better blender software?

This is a sort of form letter due to the fact i think this letter is the QUESTION OF THE WEEK.

I explained to Daniel at Material Connextion i am a jewelry making student who could only afford Sourceware like Google sketch up and / or Blender. while they aren’t dedicated jewelry sourceware it will be fine by me. During the day i am a civilian clerical secretary with NYPD. (20 +) i said it’s fantastic that people like Nervous, Makerbot, Shapeways, Bathsheba Grossman are out there helping people who while studying jewelry design would like to not wait decades to make and sell their designs. The hurdles put there by the Jewelry industry are almost insurmountable. Most Rhino, JewelCAD or softwares dedicated to this are over $1,000.00. with lessons going from one thousand dollars to eight thousand dollars (Monarch CAD). people like You Makerbot, Shapeways, make student jewelry designers who need to make a sellable product - clearly you guys bring us closer to seeing our dreams but alas as Bathsheba Grossman said it took her almost 6 months for her to learn how to use CAD / STL / ATF formatting source

i discussed with Material Connexion Genius Daniel Swartz today – I said "Hey i can operate a little Adobe Photoshop i.e., superimposing a shape on top of my art work and creating a circle, square, heart, with my artwork that’s as CLOSE as i can get to 3Drd dimensionally. I wish (like Dorothy clicking her Ruby Slippers - I will be posting this subject all over) Why is there no Software that can take a JPEG, BIF, ETC. and let a person NOVICE convert it to CAD / STL / ATF??? I mean if i got to the point of scanning my art onto Adobe tweaking it in Black and white saving the file why can’t a software let it open as a JPEG so that i can make it a 3DRD dimentional finished piece for casting in silicone for later casting in LOST WAX. Makerbot you guys i was told by Daniel taught him how to use CAD a little you developed the worlds’ first AFFORDABLE 3D PRINTER WHICH I PLAN ON BUYING AS SOON AS YOU WONDERFUL HACKERS FINISH MY SOFTWARE REQUEST AND BLENDER YOU CAN ADD YOURSELVES TO MY WISHES AND I’M CLICKING MY RUBY SLIPPERS PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP AND A CHERRY.

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The problem is that a 2d drawing can only suggest the object in 3d - for example, grey scale values can already be used to infer depth (we use that for bump/displacement maps), but an application such as you are suggesting can’t possibly know how to construct a 3d version - unless the drawing sticks to very strict guidelines (cad everyone?). Even IF the software were able to resolve your drawing auto(magi)cally, it probably still would require editing. And conversion from polygons into nurbs, or a cad format can be a challenge as well, since both approaches are so very different in nature.

Apps like are quite affordable (developer is the one who started development of Rhino), and very designer/artist friendly. It exports to IGES, SAT, STEP, OBJ, STL, 3DS, LWO, FBX and SKP formats (with other export plugins available as well, for example to Blender).

Unfortunately there is no ‘one-click’ solution to this, and you will have to spend some time in learning how to model Jewellery in Nurbs. But it is not really difficult to learn - just some practice. And combining moi3d with Blender offers a quite powerful solution to jewellery design.