Question on cloth and animation

Hi everyone,

This is my very first thread on Blenderartist (lots of emotions :’) ) so if ever I made a mistake by opening this thread in this section of the forum please tell me (and excuse me too) ^^

So, I’ll explain what I want to acheive :

I’ve got a Human mesh in my scene along with an other object wich is a dress that goes on my Human. :slight_smile:
The point of intrest is the dress since the final goal is to creat a fashion show…

What automatically came to my mind was to :

  • make my dress as a cloth object
  • make my body as a collision object

And then go ahead an simulate (because I’m intrested in getting the realistic behaviour of the cloth).

Normally after doing that static test, I wanted to rig the body and animate it (as to get the “fashion show like” video result). However just with the static simulation test I got issues (well I can fix the little collision pb etc…) but the main pb that I have is that : even if I reduce my poly as much as possible (not too much because it stays cloth) and I apply all my modifiers, I’ve got biiiiig lags and Blender is on the edge of crashing. ^^’
(I’ve got an Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU with 8.00 Go of RAM and a Nvidia GPU)

So my question is… Is there a way to optimise this or acheive it diffrently ? How would you guys do if you wanted to get that end result : the body doing a walkcycle with the dress on it physically acting like real cloth ?

This question is not just of personal intrest, I’m trying to do this for my work.

Moreover, I’m open to other softwares than Blender so if you know any piece of soft that can help me easily do this pls tell me :slight_smile: (I’ve got Maya 2015 installed and the dress comes from Marvelous Designer that I also have installed on my laptop).

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You might have to post a .blend file so we can better see what you’re working with. Or at least some screenshots.

In general, though, I would start with the body mesh modifiers in this order:

  1. Rig.
  2. Collision (for cloth sim).
  3. Subsurf, if you’re using one.

For the dress, only put a Subsurf modifier above the cloth sim modifier if you need it there to get a good simulation result, and even then, keep the subsurf levels as low as possible.

What exactly is happening when you run the simulation as-is? I know with complex objects, it can really slow Blender down, so if you’re able to just let the simulation run, go ahead and do that. Once it goes through the frames once, it should play back more smoothly as it loops.

Hi, thx for the answer, I found the pb source XD I’m just completly stupid ^^’ I kept the size of the model and clothe from MD so in Blender it’s HUGE, and that is what was causing all my pbs. ^^ just needed to scale everything down. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, nice. I didn’t even think along those lines.