Question on FFMPEG: file format

I downloaded the Blender ver. 2.43 from GraphicAll for Windows which includes FFMPEG (built 24/03/2007).

Here is the question that may show my ignorance: I tried to render an FFMPEG file with the default settings (from some sequences in the sequence editor). It works fine, but leaves me with a rendered file with a “.dvd” extension. I have not heard of such a file type or application that uses it. (Or is it a Linux application? - I’m not familiar with Linux)

Can anyone shed some light on it?

(BTW, the sequence works fine for other “normal” settings such as “AVI Jpeg”, etc. - obviously without sound)

Ther are 2 new tabs when you choose ffmpeg where you can specify video and audio output compression.

florianfelix: I saw that and chose MP3 as the audio compression - and then Blender told me it cannot render the output…

I tried another format, AVI, together with MP3… and it created an AVI file which I could play - but with no sound output.

EDIT: Now I feel stupid: I only now notice the “multiplex audio” button!.. and it works.

Just goes to show: I should have played more with Blender first before I ask a question. :slight_smile: